For fans of Lana Del Rey, the past few months have been a busy time. Since July, there has been a steady flow of leaked tunes to satisfy the most thirsty. First there was a rejected video for the track "Honeymoon", then came "Super Movie" and finally, a song about her Blackberry from 2010ish that also dropped.

However, thanks to a YouTube user called "Honeymoun", three more tracks have surfaced this week. "Motel 6", "Girl That Got Away" and "Other Woman" don't have the polish her most recent releases have, and a few have a dinky backing track playing behind her vocals. All of which point to two things: either they're new material that has been shopped around or simply, old demos.

While the three tracks are sultry, if not a bit bouncy, they don't have the early "Gansta Nancy Sinatra" feel her early stuff did. But if anything, they should be taken lightly and simply as a garnish to the mystery that surrounds to the woman born as Lizzy Grant, AKA Lana Del Rey. Make up your own mind and listen to the three songs below, before they get taken down.

Hear this: Three unreleased Lana Del Rey tracks have surfaced online