Not to play favourites but it's hard not to when Harry Styles is involved, Styles has got to be the best thing that came out of mega boy band One Direction - the hair, the dress code, the voice - the kid has it all. And his rock 'n' roll song Kiwi from his debut solo album, aptly called Harry Styles, is one of his best tunes to date.

It's good old fashion raucous fun with a slick Brit twist that keeps it from falling into the saccharine pop tartlet division. But with lyrics like, 'She worked her way through a cheap pack of cigarettes,' the video seemed sure to be a pretty R-rated affair.

However, Harry never does the expected and surprised everyone by dropping a fantastically fun video filled with a Gucci-clad crew of a school kids having a major cupcake fight with some puppies thrown in just in case there weren't enough elements already. This video is the best thing you'll see today, watch it below: 


Gucci, flying cupcakes and puppies: Harry Styles ‘Kiwi’ video SLAYS