Everything you need to know about THAT Taylor Swift snake video

Everything you need to know about THAT Taylor Swift snake video


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Swift has done a swifty! The pop-star has broken her social media black-out, posting a very suspicious video to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Taylor Swift broke the internet on Saturday when the pop-star wiped all of her social media clean. Dozens of theories started surfacing online about what this black-out could signify, and all of the theories pointed to one thing: new music!

The internet couldn't wait to see what Tay-Tay was up to, and it turns out, neither could she. The 'Blank Space' singer broke her three day social media silence this morning, posting a very cryptic, static video to her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook of a snake's tail. The captionless video has already clocked up 4.3 million views on Instagram alone and the internet is of course is having a field-day about what this could possibly mean. But seriously, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Swift has been associated with the snake emoji since the infamous Swift-Kardashian-West feud that sparked from Kanye West's 'Famous' lyric: "I feel like me and Taylor still might have sex / Why? I made that bit*h famous." After a back and forth of "my people called your people," Kim Kardashian proved via snapchat that Swift had actually approved West's final version of the lyric. All of a sudden, Swift's social media was flooded with comments containing the savage snake emoji.

The snake could also be a reference to another longstanding feud with fellow pop-singer Katy Perry. Swift has not been shy in addressing the pair's disagreement over the use back-up dancers, admitting that her single 'Bad Blood' is about Perry.  Likewise, Perry's latest single 'Swish Swish' is an open stab at Swift.

It's no secret that Swift has a tendency to write songs about people that have done wrong by her. 'Dear John' was an open letter to John Mayer, 'Style' was about short-term fling with One Direction member, Harry Styles, 'Blank Space' was even written as a parody for the next person who crosses Swift the wrong way. So could this snake video suggest an upcoming diss track about West or Perry?

One clue that points most clearly to the suggestion of new music is a cheeky retweet of the video by one of Swifts frequent collaborators, Joseph Khan, who directed the music videos for 'Bad Blood' and 'Wildest Dreams'. Khan simply shared the static video with a smiley face, leading fans to theorise that more music, and potentially a new music video is coming.   

Everything you need to know about THAT Taylor Swift snake video (фото 1)

Could a new T-Swift album be on it's way? If Swift's patience with her social media black-out is anything to go by, it looks like we will be finding out very soon. Sssssstay tuned.

Everything you need to know about THAT Taylor Swift snake video (фото 2)

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