Eminem's "Stan" just got added to the dictionary

Eminem's "Stan" just got added to the dictionary

You read that right

Text: Noelle Faulkner

17 years on, stan becomes the noun and the verb you never thought you'd use

We're not exactly sure why it took 17 years, and frankly, nothing in 2017 surprises us anymore... but in news you didn't know you needed to know, "Stan" as penned by Eminem has been added to the Oxford American Dictionary.

You may remember that the 2000 single of the same name was about an obsessed fan who writes to Eminem, taking many of his lyrics waaaay too literally. With each letter that Eminem fails to respond to, the fan gets angrier and angrier, growing into a tower of rage where at the peak, he decides to kill himself and his girlfriend. Heavy.

Over the last few years, the term "Stan" has been synonymous with being a mega-fan, bordering on obsessive - and hence, now the joins 2016's "post-truth" ,  2015's "cry-laughing emoji", 2014's " vape" and 2013's "selfie" with a dedicated space in the dictionary.  Stan can be used as both a verb and a noun, you can be have "hundreds of stans obsessed with you" or you can "stan for someone".  Either way, we predict this news will be coming to a trivia night near you.

Eminem's "Stan" just got added to the dictionary (фото 1)


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