Decoding Taylor Swift’s ‘...Ready for it?’ video

Decoding Taylor Swift’s ‘...Ready for it?’ video

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Ready for it: Could Taylor Swift's biggest enemy be herself?

Taylor Swift premiered her '...Ready for it?' video on the weekend, and TBH we were so not ready for it. One of the biggest takeaways from the futuristic video has been Swift's bod in a nude cyborg-like head to toe body suit, which the pop-star was quick to pass shade on (in true Swift fashion), sharing the above snap on her Instagram story with the comment: "It truly warms my heart that ppl had so much to say about this bodysuit."

A Taylor Swift video would be nothing without a mountain of symbolism and imagery that even your year twelve extension English teacher would have a hard time analysing. The video was directed by long-time collaborator, Joseph Kahn who has famously worked on Swift's other video clips including 'Look What You Made Me Do', 'Blank Space' and 'Bad Blood' and is notorious for dropping a teaser or two throughout.

The video sees a hooded Swift meet the cyborg version of herself, who is locked up in in a glass chamber. '...Ready for it?' seems to be a representation of Taylor Swift's split private and public life, where her public self keeps her true self locked up. It has been no secret that Swift has had her fair share of feuds throughout her career, but what if her biggest enemy is herself?

Cyborg Swift breaks through her life on display, while defacing the old Swift (could this be how the old Swift really died!?) and climbs to the top of the stair case. Her robot eyes glow bright blue before shedding a single tear, suggesting that she is not a cyborg/robot, but the real human Taylor. Deep.

Watch the clue filled video below and keep an eye out for the hidden messages spray painted across the walls: 'All Eyes On Us,' 'I Love You In Secret,' and 'This Is Enough' hinting at further song titles on her soon to be released Reputation album. Reputation is available on November 11.  

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