Decoding Taylor Swift’s new ‘Delicate’ video

Decoding Taylor Swift’s new ‘Delicate’ video

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Image: Taylor Swift Delicate music video clip

Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Taylor Swift dropped her latest music video for ‘Delicate’ at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and it’s classic Taylor with so much to dissect

Swifty is not a simple girl and when she drops a new song, album or video we know there'll be layers to digest, dissect and decode - which is just one of the reasons fans love her and why she's such a compelling artist.

And her latest video for Delicate from her hit album Reputation is classic Taylor - there's so much more to this musical snapshot that meets that eye. How many references to Taylor's current boyfriend Joe Alwyn are there? Did Taylor mean to reference a very similar-looking video directed by Spike Jones for Kenzo? How autobiographical is the new clip?

To answer the first question - the Internet thinks there are quite a few hidden references, because after all, according the fans is about Taylor's actor boyfriend Joe Alwyn. If the references are there, they're subtle with the most obvious, the 'Joe's Deli' in the background of the final rain scene.

As for the controversial similarity to the Spike Jones Kenzo video - who knows? Watch both before deciding.

Whether it's autobiographical, we know Taylor doesn't love the whole fame thing but loves singing and dancing - so it makes sense that she's kind of down at the beginning of the clip surrounded by security guards but has a discernible uptick in her mood once she's free to sing and dance.

Watch Taylor's Delicate video below and the Kenzo ad which it may/may not be referencing: 


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