OK, Taylor Swift, you've got us. Your social media stunt has sucked us in and we too need to know exactly what is happening and if there will be a new Swift singalong track to roll the car windows down to soon. After a social media blackout over the weekend, and a very cryptic video yesterday, Swift has emerged again overnight, posting another video to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The uncaptioned video is very similar to yesterday's post, this time showing more of the reptilian creature moving in a coil.  Judging by what we estimate to be the length of the snake, it looks like we could be seeing at least two more similar videos posted over the next few days.

Following Swift's second Instagram post, Us Weekly report that "multiple sources" have confirmed the pop star will be releasing the first single from her upcoming album as soon as this Friday, August 25.

Watch this space Swifty's. This weekend is looking to be a good one. 

Could we be hearing new Taylor Swift music very soon?