Could we be hearing new music from Lorde soon!?

Could we be hearing new music from Lorde soon!?

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Lorde has taken to Twitter teasing new music and fans are freaking out

Lorde has an innate presence about her. She's the kind of person you would want to be your best friend and/or stare at all day in awe; which explains why her stage name is more than a perfect fit. The majestic twenty year-old from New Zealand has had a stellar year releasing her second studio album, Melodrama which debuted at number one; the introductory single 'Green Light' has been streamed over 200 million times online. So, can you blame the internet for getting a little bit excited at the thought of more new music?

Lorde took to Twitter yesterday posting a series of tweets that sent the Twitter-verse into meltdown. The first tweet read "will u love me? will u?" followed by a grainy video of Lorde's mesmerising voice chanting "I just want your love." Que thousands of reactive tweets from Lorde super-fans. The signer then tweeted: "just an old melo sketch."

While it seems like Lorde simultaneously created and crushed these rumours in a heartbeat, we're not ones to completely rule out the possibility of another song - we're watching you Lorde. Check out the video below. 

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