It's no secret Australian model Cheyenne Tozzi has been working a double life as an aspiring singer-songwriter for some time. The Cronulla-bred beauty was previously part of two-piece Van Hoorn with Josh Mullane, but has recently spread her wings to go solo - and the results will pleasantly surprise you.

Debuting her new single 'Other Bae' today, Cheyenne's smoky, sultry vocals lend themselves beautifully to this mellow track, which is backed by soft percussion beats and a soulful '90s R&B vibe. Now based in Paris (a bit like that other model-turned-singer chanteuse Carla Bruni), Cheyenne is gearing up to release her EP later this year.

The track premieres on Soundcloud and YouTube today, and you can watch the unofficial video below and download the track from Soundcloud.

Listen to Cheyenne Tozzi's debut single ‘Other Bae’