Chet Faker just did something very surprising

Chet Faker just did something very surprising

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Last Friday, Chet Faker announced on Facebook he was renouncing his stage name and returning to his real name: Nick Murphy. Here's why

Chet Faker, Australia's gloriously bearded, indie-electronica darling has gone back to his roots and is now going by the name of Nick Murphy. Of course, if you're a bona fide Chet Faker, sorry, Nick Murphy fan, you'll probably already know this. He announced it four days ago on Facebook:

But it's shaping up to be a week of Nick Murphy news, now that we know the Aussie muso is hitting next year's Laneway festival alongside fellow headliners A.B. Original. (FYI the full Laneway lineup will be out tomorrow morning - check out our festival page to see more). Oh, and he also sneakily dropped a new single, 'Fear Less' which we're assuming/hoping will be featured on his upcoming album.

You can listen to 'Fear Less' at Somewhat of a departure from the sonic landscape laid out on previous LP Built On Glass and EPs Thinking in Textures and Work (with Marcus Marr), the new track has a heavy drum beat and intensity we haven't yet seen explored by the artist. 

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