Behind the Bloom: RÜFÜS open up about their new record

Behind the Bloom: RÜFÜS open up about their new record

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The highly anticipated sophomore album by Sydney-based electronic trio RÜFÜS is out today. Diana Pashkovskaia chats to Tyrone about the album and why it is SO special

It's been only three years since Jon George, Tyrone and James debuted their album Atlas. Today they are touring across the world with sold out shows of their own, adding the biggest festivals to their list of the best places to perform (read: Coachella and Red Rocks, not to mention the best festivals in native Australia). Finally, they are releasing their second album everybody has been waiting for - Bloom. We congratulate the guys with a beautiful record that we've already added to our favourites and share the interview we had with them prior to the release.

While working on Bloom you relocated to Berlin. What was the most memorable thing about recording the album?
TYRONE: The location itself had a big influence. The debut album Atlas was written and produced at the sunny coast of South Sydney, this is why it had this nice summer-y feeling in it. With Bloom, on the contrary, we put ourselves in the new environment.

While living in Berlin, what inspired you and the album the most?
TYRONE: We lived in the area with heaps of clubs. Berghain was just down the road. We were going out a lot, seeing DJs. Everything that surrounded us, served as a source of inspiration. Startng from the weather - we were in Germany when it was winter, the days were shorter, darker, colder. It affected our music, lyrics. You know, it wasn't anyhow consious thing. It was all happening very natural, the way our music and songs were coming out.

Comparing songs from Atlas to singles from Bloom it is hard not to notice various transitions the band's sound went through. Do you feel that not only your music has changed but you as a person has changed too?
TYRONE: Atlas is the album where things were external. I mean the record is more about things that surround us. Bloom is much more personal. Not in terms of 'Oh, I feel sad, I should write sad song', but more of where we were at that time while we were working on the album. We basically were in the city, far far away from our homes, friends, families. In Berlin things were completely different for us.

We always improvise with vocals. The recording process was gibberish. Basically there was a line and the rest of the song was writen around the line. In songs we talk a lot about things we missed while being in Europe - sunshine, sunlight, home and what does it really mean. The overall recording process was really nice though.

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In an interview with the Huffington Post Jon George mentioned that if you had to choose the spirit animal that had to represent the album it would be jellyfish. Do you agree or would you like to pick another one?
TYRONE: Jellyfish for sure. We had images of it all across our desktops and screen savers. Artworks for the first album and tracks were inspired by mountains and locations, this is why you could see them across the covers. And this time it was all about groups of jellyfish. Even when we were talking about the name for the album we chose the word Bloom. It was the one. We loved the way it sounded, it reminded us of the flower. And - happy accident - when we looked into the definition of the word, it turned out to be the name of the group of jellyfish!

Well, it was meant to be!
TYRONE: Exactly! [laughs]

So far we haven't heard any collabs from you. Why and who would you like to work with?
TYRONE: We are opened to working with anybody, we just didn't feel the need to do it yet. All three of us are writing music and lyrics, it is easy and fun to sit with our little group and create. And collaborations... I guess it is like having 20 chefs in the kitchen. It can be pretty hard to work because everybody has their own vision, it is complicated to find a compromise. Working in a group of 2 or 3 is nicer because the interaction is easier. That's the case for us. But we definitely would like to work with both great vocalists and producers. Say, Trentemøller, Booka Shade, George Fitzgerald would be on the top of the list. It is a great opportunity to learn, everyone use different ways and tecniques to make a sound.

Looking into the future, where would you like to work on your third LP?
TYRONE: I'm not sure. We spent a good year on working on this one. And I can compare the process to a bucket of water - you empty yourself. At the moment we all want to give ourselves time to explore and travel. As for myself, I'd like to go to Nepal or India just for two weeks. I need to fill the bucket back up with myself and inspiration. Music is my everything, I listen to it every single day, I love it. But sometimes you need to step away a little bit so you can feel it again, you know.

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Each cover for the single you released so far and the album's artwork are beautiful pieces of art themselves. Who is the person behind the artworks?
TYRONE: Everything was created by Jack Vanzet. He is a great, great artists we are working with. The colour palettes he uses are big representation of the album and tracks. We love his minimalism and abstraction. Everything Jack does comes out as unique and mesmerizing pieces.

If you had to pick one song that represents the album, which one would you pick?
TYRONE: 'Innerbloom' probably. I guess the song doesn't sonically represent the album but in terms of the journey of the album this single will be my first pick. For me it covers all areas we were writing about. Personally, it is like an opening up and letting go of everything, it is a naked song, you know. By the time I get to the end of the track I feel calm and present. It is really relaxing. 

Bloom is out today. You can buy the album here.

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