The American rapper known for her Twitter beefs and sharp tongue was arrested in 2015 after assaulting a New York nightclub bouncer by allegedly punching and - wait for it - 'biting the boob' of the security person in question. Yup.

Banks' lawyer, John Vafa, told Pitchfork magazine, "After conferring and working with Ms Banks' New York criminal attorney, we were able to negotiate and accept a plea deal. Ms Banks will participate in the ordered courses by the district attorney and the judge for 26 weeks."

Following a spate of spats over the years including using a gay slur to address a flight attendant, publicly saying that politician Sarah Palin should be gangbanged and locked in a cupboard, here's hoping that the course will help Banks with her anger issues. Because if it doesn't, she faces up to a year of jail time.

Azealia Banks is taking anger management classes