7 ridiculous quotes from Sky Ferreira’s L.A. Weekly interview

7 ridiculous quotes from Sky Ferreira’s L.A. Weekly interview

Hey, blatant sexism

Text: Yeong Sassall

Why has one (very) male writer’s obsession with Sky Ferreira’s breast being circulating the internet? We attempt to womansplain

Man it must be tough being a female pop star these days. From Lady Gaga to Lauren Mayberry from Chvrches and Courtney Barnett - it seems most female music have something to say about sexism in the industry. And even though the casual objectification is by no means a strictly 21st century construct, every now and then you something written about someone female, by someone male that floors you. Case in point: The recent L.A. Weekly article on Sky Ferreira that you may or may not have had the misfortune to read.

Written by male journalist and music critic Art Tavana, the article 'Sky Ferreira's Sex Appeal Is What Pop Music Needs Right Now' has caused such a widespread tongue lashing of epic proportions, that music editor Andy Hermann felt compelled to write an apology for the chaos it caused. Aside from an unnaturally (or, predictably) large focus on Ferreira and Madonna's boobs, Tavana's whole frat-boy M.O. seems intent on dissecting what makes Ferreira so hot and cool. Sadly, L.A. Weekly's attempt to write a provocative story about pop star sex appeal comes across as a breathless fan boy tribute with a hefty side serving of perve.

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Don't believe us? here are the 7 biggest corkers from the article.

1. Just the opening para is enough:
Sky Tonia Ferreira, 23, has a name that reads like a turbo-charged Italian sports car, or the kindred spirit to second-generation Italian-American pop star Madonna, the most ambitious woman to ever wear a pink cone bra. Both Sky and Madonna have similar breasts in both cup size and ability to cause a sh*tstorm.

2. Soon, Tavana gets philosophical:
When Ferreira dropped her debut, 'Night Time, My Time', three years ago, the bare-breasted album cover nearly broke the internet. Misogynists claimed it was a desperate attempt to sell records; feminists saw it as the calculated move of a defiant young woman. A third unnamed group that included me couldn't help but reminisce about Madonna's defiantly atomic boobs - the two knockers that altered the course of human history.

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3. The Madonna comparisons start:
In the now-infamous photo, taken by Argentine filmmaker Gaspar Noé, Ferreira looks like a dirtier Madonna: square jaw, strong eyebrows, lulled green eyes, crucifix, bleached blond hair, translucently pale skin and killer tits.

4. As do the general pop star comparisons:
She's too nasty to be anyone's schoolgirl fantasy; she looks like an unvarnished Madonna styled by Maripol, with the vaguely mystical presence of Nico and the faux-punkness of a Sex Pistols groupie. In other words, Sky Ferreira is the most deliberately pimped-out example of a modern pop star. She's not a mindless product like Britney, or a depressed indie-pop singer like Lorde, but she's also not bitter or punk, like Meredith Graves, or a feminist superhero like Grimes.

5. He even attempts to commend Sky on her use of her sex appeal.
But here's what I think pisses off people the most: that Ferreira, like any great pop star, is profiting off her fresh-faced beauty. But there's nothing tasteless about this. Why can't we see her sex appeal as talent as opposed to privilege? Ferreira's sex appeal, like any woman's, isn't entirely a gift from God. It isn't something she's simply born with. It had to be sharpened and used like Beatrix's sword in Kill Bill: with fine, deadly precision.

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6You can even kind of tell the writer has spent too long looking at Ferreira's Instagram:
Even in the candid photo of her nude in the shower, soaking wet, she looks natural, like she's shooting a home video, rather than being photographed by a creeper. She looks like a more cherubic Sharon Stone, icy but also sweet, like a freshly licked lollipop.

7. Lastly, we love how he identifies his male gaze, but plows on into another Madonna breast analogy, nevertheless:
Male subjectivity aside, the cosmetic potency of Sky Ferreira's sex appeal shouldn't be objectified or rejected; it should be analyzed, studied, photographed in the same way we've spent decades writing essays about Elvis' hips and Madonna's breasts. We need to embrace the untidy concept that sexuality is part of every pop star's circuitry. We should expect them to be hotter than us.

And to think this article is supposed to reiterate that Sky Ferreira isn't just "a talentless model who's famous for no reason" other than her sex appeal. It barely touches on her music.

Ferreira has remained silent on the matter, but she's recently taken to Twitter to comment on the article.

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