6 things you missed at this year's Splendour

6 things you missed at this year's Splendour

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Text: Yeong Sassall

Did you miss out on tickets to the three-day festivities in Byron? Not to worry, we’ve pulled out the 2016 Splendour in the Grass highlights for you

1. Jack Garratt got a bit '90s nostalgic

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British electronica kid Jack Garratt already won legions of fans with the debut of his album Phase this year, but he swiftly won a whole host more, with a tongue-in-cheek set that covered The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song, Crag David's '7 Days' and Justin Timberlake's 'Senorita'. There's nothing like nostalgia to amp up a crowd of twentysomethings.

2. Leon Bridges brought the soul to Splendour

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Another relative(ish) newcomer - Atlanta-born Leon Bridges - was a breath of soulful fresh air on the opening day. His joyous, bluesy take on old-school R&B was welcomed enthusiastically by what we expect is a whole new fanbase.

3. Contiki hosted a rainbow party

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Friday saw Contiki host a Marigold Majestic party, spraying partygoers with a kaleidoscope of brightly coloured paint in celebration of its new Eternal India trip. While colour-blasted guests stood out among the crowds later on, the permanent addition to Splendour boasted everything India, from Bollywood workshops to yoga classes and henna drawings.

4. The Avalanches

It may have been their first live show in 16 years and while reports were mixed, I found it to be a beautiful, blissful and dreamy set that played to the old fans, rather than the new. While new songs like 'Frank Sinatra' were a bona fide hit, the ambient standouts (for me) includd classic cuts from their debut LP, like 'Since I Left You' and 'Frontier Psychiatrist'. The early half may have potentially lost ypunger members of the crowd, but if you hung in there, you were welcomed by tracks from Wildflower, as well as favourites like 'Frontier Psychiatrist'.

So much love last night Splendour

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5. The Strokes killed it


The headliner act for Friday night was certainly worth the wait. Opening with the thrumming, insistent riff of  'The Modern Age', taken from their legendary first album Is This Is?, the New York quartet proved why they're one of the few turn of the millennium post-punk bands who can still pull a crowd. Their playlist was peppered with classic tracks from their debut (proof they know their fans), with the occasional new track thrown in for fun. 'Last Night' proved a perfect encore song, too.

6. The Cure's extended set

It's not often you get treated to an epic, three-hour long set at a festival, but English veterans The Cure managed to swing it, which says a lot about their status as artists and 40 year career.  They also managed to ban any recording of their Saturday night set, which made anyone who witnessed their magical set feel, well, extra special. The included 'Friday I'm in Love', 'Close to You' and 'Boys Don't Cry'. 

6 things you missed at this year's Splendour (фото 4)

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