6 things we learned about Banks

6 things we learned about Banks

Surprises up her sleeve

Jillian Banks, aka Banks, is the 25-year-old singer-songwriter who scored a major breakout last year with the release of her debut album Goddess. We chat to the LA-based muso about life, love and opening up

Her smoky vocals, heartfelt lyrics and stripped-back R&B-tinged sound not only garnered her millions of worldwide fans, she also scored a MTV Award nomination and BBC Sound of 2014 nod. She spoke to Buro 24/7 Russia and here a few of the highlights:

On being famous:
I feel fine! I am very lucky and very happy. I have the opportunity to do something that shows real me. The most beautiful feeling in the world is the one you have after sharing your art with the others.

On her music inspirations:
I would not have started playing music if it was not my parents' divorce. In that moment, the only thing that helped me to through everything was music. My inspiration is everywhere. I see it in people, those who I love and those who love me back. And in those who once hurt me.

On fear of opening up:
Stories that I share through my songs are close, not only to me, but to other people in the world, too. For the first ten years I have been writing for myself but then something clicked inside of me. I switched to another level of perception of everything. I went through a transformation. The fear disappeared in time.

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On lack of sincerity in music:
Listeners are searching for more sincerity. They are looking for soul music. They want artists to be blunder, be open and sincere. I want my music to be not only music but something very special and personal.  

On fellow musician Sampha:
He is a magician. He has this power to hypnotise the public. It does not matter if you do not want him to splay with your thoughts, he will.

On getting a start in the industry:
All you need is patience. Patience is the key to success. This industry is harsh. Do something that shows who you really are. Put faith in your art, do not question your steps, there are no right or wrong things in art.

On plans for the future:
I want to work more on myself. I want to improve myself. And of course I want to spend more time focusing on my music. 

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