Your first look at 'Love Actually 2' is here!

Your first look at 'Love Actually 2' is here!


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Remember that ‘Love Actually’ sequel we’ve been talking about? Of course you do!

Did you hear? Love Actually, the Christmas movie that makes Brits cringe and everyone one else swoon, is getting a sequel. Flashing forward the 14 or so years since the Richard Curtis flick joined the canon of classic Christmas movies, the 10-minute long sequel will revisit a selection of the film's beloved characters. Set in London as part of a series of interweaving storylines, the film is famous for its bittersweet (ok, occasionally heartwrenching) ending... and also for the sheer number of times its been repeated on free-to-air TV.

While not technically a sequel per se, the short has been pulled together to celebrate Red Nose Day in the UK. While most of the all-star cast have signed on up to the sequel, speculation is rife about what has actually happened to them in the intervening years. From Hugh Grant's British PM to Andrew Lincoln's lovelorn Mark, who lusts after best mate's wife Juliet (Keira Knightley) - we have to admit we can't wait to see what random storyline Richard Curtis has dreamt up for his cast.

And in the first glimpse of actual film footage, this morning a trailer was released of the film. Using a trope very familiar to anyone has watched the original film, characters use handwritten placards to tease the plotline. Watch it below.

Love Actually 2 will air on Red Nose Day on BBC1 in the UK on March 24. 

Your first look at 'Love Actually 2' is here! (фото 1)

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