After watching the second trailer for the upcoming Stephan Gaghan directed-film Gold, it looks as though this could be Matthew McConaughey's most next meaty riole (after his Oscar-winning performance in Dallas Buyer's Club). 

McConaughey plays the role of Kenny Wells, a penniless prospector who teams up with a luckless geologist (Edgar Ramirez) to find gold in the jungle of Indonesia. And yep, you guessed it - they win big, and that's when the real story begins. Anyone who's seen the Daniel Day Lewis/Paul Thomas Anderson vehicle There Will Be Blood might have an inkling of what depths greed will take a man...

Gold trailer: you’ve never seen Matthew McConaughey like this

With his new character worlds away from the actor's rom-com persona, McConaughey is barely recognisable in the role. The Academy Award winner gained over 18kg for the role, and sports a bald prosthetic patch, and has aged about 10 years (bad news for any Mad Mike fans).

Just as Dallas Buyers Club proved, the Academy appreciates an actor who transforms themselves for a film, and already, the Oscar buzz has started. With a stellar cast featuring Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World) as Wells' wife and Corey Stoll and Timothy Simons, Gold is already looking like a frontrunner for next year's award season. Watch the latest trailer here:

Gold is set to release in Australia in early 2017. 

Gold trailer: you’ve never seen Matthew McConaughey like this