Could this Oasis doco be the music film of the year?

Could this Oasis doco be the music film of the year?

Definitely Maybe

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From the same producer of last year’s unforgettable music bipic ‘Amy’ comes the rise-and-fall chronicle of English band Oasis

For those of us who were kids and teens in the mid to late '90s there was absolutely no escaping the music and legendary lad-ness of British rock outfit Oasis. From the drunken brawls, spats with contemporaries Blur, to the many proclamations of greatness - you can see why the upcoming Oasis doco Supersonic will make for riveting viewing. Especially when you factor in the intense rivalry and eventual fallout between band anchors and brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, who rose from a Manchester council estate to being the swaggering figureheads of the (overblown) Britpop era.

The film is directed by Mat Whitecross and executive produced by Amy director Asif Kapadia, and thanks to hours and hours of archival footage (which the Gallaghers gave them permission to use, btw), Supersonic will hopefully offer a warts-and-all glimpse of an entertaining piece of rock 'n' roll history. And even if it doesn't quite live up to expectations, we can bet the testosterone-laden flashback fights between Liam and Noel are epic enough to be worth the ticket price alone. I mean, the feud is still going on to this day, with Noel providing one of the funniest don't-give-a-f**k music interviews EVER to Esquire last year, and Liam offering this thinly veiled insult on Twitter just last month:

Watch the trailer for Supersonic below. It premieres in the UK on October 2, so stay tuned for an Australian release date.

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