What to binge watch this November

What to binge watch this November

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Book in a date with your TV and a bottle of red because November has got some killer (literally) series to binge watch

Yes, it's nearly November and yes, this year has gone incredibly fast. As much as we are scared to blink in case the rest of the year suddenly flashes by, with another month comes another stream (pun intended) of TV series and movies to feed our inner couch potato; and the couch is looking pretty damn comfortable for the month of November. Here are the new releases that we the Buro 24/7 team will be watching this month.

Alias Grace

If you loved the Hulu's critically acclaimed feminist dystopian series, The Handmaid's Tale, add Alias Grace to your watch list ASAP. Based off Margaret Atwood's 1996 novel of the same name, Alias Grace follows the real-life double murders of Thomas Kinnear and his housekeeper/mistress Nancy Montgomery in Canada in 1843. The Netflix Original tells the story as a series of flashbacks and broken memories through the main character Grace Marks who is convicted of both murders alongside stable hand James McDermott. The six episode mini-series of Alias Grace airs on Netflix November 3.

The Punisher

It seems the topic of ambiguous killers was a hot one at Netflix's round table meeting, with the premiere of Marvel's highly anticipated The Punisher dropping November 17. Jon Bernthal is reprising his role as Frank Castle from Daredevil season 2, and still has an innate fetish for firearms. Unlike the other stars from Netflix and Marvel's superhero love children, Frank Castle is (obviously) without superpowers relying solely on his trusty gun, which has led to much controversy following the Vegas shooting incident earlier this year, and the resounding debate on gun control. Netflix is ploughing ahead though, and the action packed drama promises to be one to watch.

She's Gotta Have It - season 1

After watching the intensities in The Punisher and Alias Grace, you will need a little comedy to take the edge off, and Netflix is bringing that to you in the form of She's Gotta Have It. In 2017 we have officially ran out of stories to tell, so now we are remaking any and every classic film and/or book and giving it a twenty-first century twist. Based off the 1986 feature film of the same name, She's Gotta Have It follows Nora Darling and her romantic life dating three guys at once (oh what a chore!).The series comes from writer/director Spike Lee who directed all 10 episodes of the first season. She's Gotta Have It airs on Netflix November 23.


Cinematic nostalgia comes to you in November, with Billy Elliot added to the line-up of movies on Netflix. The live action remake of Disney's Beauty and The Beast will also be added to the streaming site, along with Silver Linings Playbook. Watch the Netflix promo below for all of the streaming giant's November releases. 

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