Watch: the trailer for 'Hereditary' will give you actual chills

Watch: the trailer for 'Hereditary' will give you actual chills

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Find out why ‘Hereditary’ is being called the scariest movie of the year

If you can watch the entire first trailer of Hereditary without flinching, screaming (guilty!) or turning away, we suggest you get yourself checked out as you may be dead inside. The soon to be released horror film starring Aussie sweetheart, Toni Collette has been tipped "the scariest movie of the year" and this generations' The Exorcist, and going off the trailer we can see exactly why.

The plot looks to follow the generic 'scary-little-girl who sees scary little things' story line that dominates just about every other horror film, however Hereditary just feels a little more... evil? Not too much is given away in the trailer (except that it is scary as hell!); Collette stars as Annie, whose mother has recently passed away and is haunted by a presence that has seemed to linger around her since. Que a montage of demonic events; bugs crawling out of faces, decapitating animals and people on fire... oh, and a creepy doll house.

If you're not a horror movie buff, but want to see what all the hype is about, we suggest you watch the trailer first with the sound completely muted, then again with the sound just audible, but with your hand on the mouse so that you can scroll away at any second. 

Watch: the trailer for 'Hereditary' will give you actual chills (фото 1)

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