Watch: The new ‘King Arthur’ trailer has dropped

Watch: The new ‘King Arthur’ trailer has dropped


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Guy Ritchie’s ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ shows the folktale in a whole new light

The first official trailer of Guy Ritchie's upcoming blockbuster, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword proves the flick is already living up to the hype. Ritchie, who brought us Snatch and Sherlock Holmes, is telling the Arthurian legend in a completely different adrenaline-rushing, action-packed, Ritchie- esque way - and we are already  hooked.

The trailer also gives us a better look at protagonist Arthur, played by Sons of Anarchy's Charlie Hunnam. Not only is Hunnam a medieval vision (fact: he was meant to play Christian in the 50 Shades saga), but has given the legend a more bad-ass Londoner meets Game of Thrones vibe, with a bunch of air fist-pumping along the way. You also see an appearance from one of Ritchie's favourite, Jude Law.

Watch the epic trailer below:

King Aruther: Legend of the Sword hits cinemas may, 12 2017. 

Watch: The new ‘King Arthur’ trailer has dropped (фото 1)

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