Watch the latest teaser for 'Black Mirror' Season 4

Watch the latest teaser for 'Black Mirror' Season 4


Text: Yeong Sassall

The Emmy-award winning Netflix series is due for a fourth season – and we have the teaser trailer to prove it…

Been counting down the days until Black Mirror season 4 rears its twisted yet brilliant head? You're not alone. Ever since the first teaser dropped a few months back, we've been waiting out for more updates about it's imminent release date. Netflix must know, but are obviously enjoying the suspense... **sigh***

But to tide us over until then, Netflix has released a short trailer on one of the episodes of Season 4, 'Arkangel'. While it opens with a seemingly idyllic montage of a mother (played by Rosemarie DeWitt) and her cute daughter Sarah playing hide and go seek at home and in the playground, in true Black Mirror form, it quickly turns into a scene of any mother's nightmares. The incident causes the mother to take her young daughter to a test facility to have something injected in her head. "The key to good parenting is control" flashes the tagline, which means, if you've watched any Black Mirror episode before, something royally f**ked up is probably going to happen. Also, did we mention this ep is directed by Jodie Foster? Intriguing, no?

If sinister tales of technology and human foibles distress you, turn away now. Everyone else, tune in and watch this space for updates on when the series will drop.

Watch the latest teaser for 'Black Mirror' Season 4 (фото 1)

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