Watch: the Heathers reboot trailer has dropped

Watch: the Heathers reboot trailer has dropped


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Your first glimpse at the rebooted classic ‘Heathers’ is here – and it’s NOT what you’d expect

While the jury's still out on whether the cult '80s classic Heathers even needed a remake, in Hollywood's eyes that's beside the point. Heathers 2.0 has dropped its first trailer - and boy do things look different in 2018. While the format has changed slightly (it's been adapted into TV show, not a movie like the original), that's not what has everyone tweeting.

Network execs have obviously been warned about the political correctness of pitting a set of WASP-y high school mean girls against one another - so they've decided the flip the script entirely by casting traditional marginalised characters as the mean girls. (So subversive guys! Way to differentiate yourself from Mean Girls!)

Confused? The trailer below best explains it (also, watch the original kids), but let's just say Shannon Doherty's queen bee Heather has been replaced by a plus-size character, with her surrounding Heathers now played by a gay guy and a black girl. We haven't seen the show yet so we can't comment on how effective this casting is or whether they've harnessed the darkly comic tone of the OG, but it did excite us to see a cameo from Shannon Doherty in the trailer, as well as Selma Blair playing some unnamed bad ass chick. We're also pretty partial to gay Heather's excellent one-liners, FYI.

Watch the trailer below.

Heathers debuts on the US Paramount network on March 7. 

Watch: the Heathers reboot trailer has dropped (фото 1)

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