If you were mesmerised by 2015's Academy Award-winning Spotlight then you're going to love Steven Spielberg's upcoming movie, The Post. Inspired by true events surrounding The Washington Post's publication of the highly classified and controversial government 'Pentagon Papers' about the Vietnam War - it's set to be a must-see and also a strong entry into the Oscars race.

Starring Academy Award-winners Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks, as, respectively Katharine Graham, the female publisher of The Washington Post and Ben Bradlee, The Post's tough editor - the story kicks off with the leak of, "...7000 pages detailing how The White House has been lying about the Vietnam War for 30 years."

Naturally the US Government is firmly against the scandalous information getting out and they launch an immediate campaign to stop publication and get the newspaper shut down.

Streep is in her element playing a fierce publishing boss taking on the US Government and in the age of fake news, watching Hanks' exchange with a rookie reporter over whether "exposing secrets" is legal is movie gold.

Watch the trailer here:


The Post will be in cinemas January 11, 2018.

Watch the gripping new trailer for Steven Spielberg’s ‘The Post’