When Ryan Gosling puts his name on anything, you know it's going to be good. But when he commits to taking on one of the most iconic science fictions flicks of all time  - well, our expectations start to peak. Gosling will feature in the upcoming sequel Blade Runner 2049, and after viewing the first full-length trailer, you won't be disappointed.

 The Denis Villeneuve-directed flick takes places 30 years after the original Blade Runner, with hunky Gosling starring as the featured blade runner, LAPD officer K. While you're not spoiled with too many plot lines, the new footage does introduce new characters like Rick Deckard, who's played by Harrison Ford. It also gives us a greater scope into the new dystopian world (with ultra stunning FX), and loads of nostalgia resonating from the original.

Watch the full trailer here: 


Blade Runner 2049 will be hit cinemas this October. 

WATCH: Ryan Gosling slays in the latest ‘Blade Runner’ trailer