The painfully beautiful Archie Comics foursome are back at Pop's diner sipping on milkshakes with new mysteries at bay in a new Riverdale promo released by CW  today.

The promo squeezes a lot into its mere 27 seconds of play time. Archie is held at gunpoint, Betty and Jughead share a steamy kiss. Cheryl Blossom, master of the hair flick channels her inner Regina George strut down the hospital corridor in blood-red pumps. We get our first look at Veronica in a wedding dress and another look at THAT shower scene, all under Jughead's reminiscent narration; "People hold grudges."

You can watch the promo below. Season two of Riverdale will premiere on Netflix October 12. Watch this space for further updates. 

Watch: Riverdale’s steamy season two promo