Admit it, ever since Absolutely Fabulous left our TV screens in 2012, you've missed Edina and Patsy's specific brand of middle-aged, fashion tragic narcissism and desperation. Coupled with their English charm, blithe disregard for propriety and flair for hedonistic living, we'd say this feature-length reboot of the '90s-era British sitcom is about bloody time.

Armed with a swathe of high-profile, pitch perfect cameos from the likes of Kate Moss, Stella McCartney, Jon Hamm, Baby Spice and even Aussie rebel Wilson, the first trailer for this fashion caper dropped last night. With a potential Kate Moss murder scandal and an escape to the super yacht-friendly South of France, at first glance our beloved Ab Fab looks as bubbly and ridiculous as you remember.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie releases in the UK on July 1. Watch this space for updates on its Australian release.  

Watch out Kate Moss, the Absolutely Fabulous movie trailer is here!