Taking a departure from his usual funny guy schtick in comedies like Horrible Bosses and TV series Arrested Development, Bateman hits a dark, foreboding note straight off the bat in the trailer for new series Ozark with his opening "hypothetical" question around how hard it would be for a family of four to disappear. Set to the compelling, pounding notes of Kanye West's 'Wolves' the Netflix drama looks set to be stacked with everything great TV is made of: drugs, money-laundering, crime and a family-on-the-run.

Wearing multiple hats including executive producer, director and star, Batman's talented fingerprints are all over this new series, which will air on July 21. Starring alongside Bateman is Golden Globe-winning actress Laura Linney - who is currently appearing on Broadway in The Little Foxes. Ozark marks Linney's return to TV after a four-year break since her last award-winning role on The Big C.

The name for the series comes from a real region in the US called The Ozarks - which is located in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. In the upcoming TV series Bateman plays a Breaking Bad-style dad on the wrong side of the law who moves his family to danger-filled town, Lake of the Ozarks to repay the money-laundering debt he owes a drug kingpin.

Watch the trailer here:

Ozarks will premier on Netflix July 21, 2017

WATCH: Netflix’s new drama ‘Ozark’ looks dangerously good