Watch Michael B. Jordan scorch in the ‘Fahrenheit 451’ trailer

Watch Michael B. Jordan scorch in the ‘Fahrenheit 451’ trailer

Burn baby burn

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Image: Michael B Jordan in HBO's Fahrenheit 451

If fire isn’t your thing, avert your eyes, HBO’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ trailer is a pyro’s dream – everything goes up in flames

"I want to burn," says Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan playing Guy Montag in HBO's TV movie Fahrenheit 451. But don't worry Jordan fans, he's not talking about burning himself - he's talking about burning all the books because in this world, books are "insanity and chaos" according to Beatty (played by The Shape of Water's Michael Shannon).

This scorching HBO TV movie is based on the 1953 novel of the same name by American author Ray Bradbury, set in a dystopian America where books are illegal and 'firemen' burn all and any that are found. Sound familiar? This "knowledge is dangerous" attitude is eerily reminiscent of the book-burning campaign the Nazi's ran during the second world war.

Jordan's character, Montag is a 'fireman' intent on following orders to destroy all the books, telling a group of clone-like school children that, "By the time you grow up there won't be any books."

In the novel Montag becomes disillusioned with the whole knowledge burning situation and joins a resistance group who want to save books, knowledge and culture -  the trailer doesn't go so far as to reveal whether the movie will follow that narrative - we'll have to wait until HBO releases Fahrenheit 451 in May to find out.

Watch Michael B. Jordan light up the screen in the Fahrenheit 451 trailer:

Fahrenheit 451 is coming to HBO in May, 2018

Watch Michael B. Jordan scorch in the ‘Fahrenheit 451’ trailer (фото 1)

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