Watch: Margot Robbie flips the script in ‘I, Tonya’ trailer

Watch: Margot Robbie flips the script in ‘I, Tonya’ trailer


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The first trailer for Margot Robbie’ upcoming Tonya Harding biopic has dropped - and it's a must-see

It would be way too easy to typecast Margot Robbie as the blonde Hollywood bombshell. Aside from her deranged Suicide Squad character, up until now she's mostly played the sexy offsider role as wife/girlfriend/love interest to another more famous leading man. But the Aussie actress is keen to flip the script and move beyond being just another pretty face, most obviously in her latest film.

In one of her grittiest, least glamorous roles yet (save for this one), Margot hits the ice as controversial figure skating champion Tonya Harding. While much press has focused on her physical transformation, the real-life rise and fall of Harding is a lot more juicy than Margot's daggy costumes suggest. Produced by Margot's own production company LuckyChap Entertainment, I, Tonya takes a deep dive into the teased-hair-and-sequinned-leotard world of competitive figure skating in the '90s. Choosing to tell the story from Tonya Harding's perspective, we see snippets of a difficult childhood and rocky relationship with her single mother, played by a fierce Allison Janney, which all lead into the major scandal.

Watch: Margot Robbie flips the script in ‘I, Tonya’ trailer (фото 1)

Rocked by more than one scandal, Tonya Harding will most likely be remembered for the attack on American skating rival Nancy Kerrigan, who was clubbed in the knee with a baton after a skating practice. The attack was masterminded by Tonya's ex husband Jeff Gillooly (Sebastian Stan) and her bodyguard Shawn Eckhardt, but Tonya was later prosecuted for her alleged involvement. The disgrace and the media frenzy surrounding the incident haunted Harding for the rest of her skating career, despite being a formidable athlete who was the first female figure skater to perform a triple axel in competition.

While many media commentators suggest Harding's demonisation was related to her trashy, chain-smoking persona, which clashed with Kerrigan's pristine reputation, we've no doubt, I, Tonya hopes to reframe the narrative around the sporting figure. Watch the trailer below. 

I, Tonya hits Australian cinemas on February 15, 2018. 

Watch: Margot Robbie flips the script in ‘I, Tonya’ trailer (фото 2)

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