Canadian-born actor Jim Carrey's movie credits read like a top ten of the best comedies to hit the big screen, from his turn as pet detective in Ace Ventura to the endlessly quotable Dumb and Dumber to his rubbery-faced craziness in The Mask to his bubble-like existence in The Truman Show. Known for his amazingly mobile face and body, Carrey's skills in the physical comedy arena are legendary. Surely that's enough talent for any one human to possess?

Apparently not - a just-released mini documentary, I Needed Color shows Carrey displaying some seriously masterful art skills. And unlike his larger-than-life characters his painting skills have been kept under the radar but are no less impressive. The six-minute doco follows Carrey as he works on various arty projects in a studio in New York and was directed and produced by Dallas Buyers Club exec producer David Bushell.

The video has clocked up over a 1.6 million views after going viral thanks to NBA star LeBron James @KingJames tweeting it out to his 37.4 million followers with a message about how incredible and surprising it is that Carrey is such a skilled artist.

Watch Jim Carrey reveal the most surprising talent

Watch I Needed Color here:

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from SGG on Vimeo.

Watch Jim Carrey reveal the most surprising talent