Watch Hugh Jackman slay in ‘The Greatest Showman' trailer

Watch Hugh Jackman slay in ‘The Greatest Showman' trailer

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The upbeat trailer for the P.T. Barnum musical biopic, ‘The Greatest Showman’, is the best thing you’ll see today

Aussie-born, Hollywood A-lister Hugh Jackman stars as promoter extraordinaire, P.T. Barnum in this uplifting, inspiring musical tale of how the entertainment industry or "show business" was invented. The real P.T. Barnum was an incredibly successful promoter, credited with pioneering modern show business via the circus he founded in 1871 and modestly called "The Greatest Show on Earth".

In the trailer we're introduced to Barnum (Jackman) as he falls on hard times after the company he works for goes bankrupt, it's not the life he envisioned for his wife (played by four time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams) and his two daughters. Calling on his huge imagination, Barnum dreams of, "...a show where everyone is special and no one is like anyone else, that's the point of my show." Using his considerable powers of persuasion and hustling skills Barnum recruits a slew of unique performers including Baywatch babe Zac Efron, Swedish-born Rebecca Ferguson (as Jenny Lind the real-life Swedish opera singer) and Disney darling Zendaya to form his "Greatest Show on Earth". 

Judging by the trailer the full-length feature film is set to be an uplifting and wonder-filled musical spectacular - just like something the real P.T. Barnum would create. The script was written by Jenny Bicks (Sex and the City, The Big C) and Bill Condon (director of Beauty and the Beast) and making his debut in the director's chair is visual effects guru Michael Gracey.

Watch the trailer here:

The Greatest Showman will be in cinemas December 2017.

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