Watch: House of Cards sinister season 5 revealed

Watch: House of Cards sinister season 5 revealed

One nation

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Netflix just dropped the season 5 trailer for award winning political drama House of Cards and it’s dripping with dark, must-see intrigue

To be clear: Underwood knows best. And there's no two ways about it. According to the season five trailer the next six terms (yes, six!) of Underwood presidential rule will be one nation: Underwood nation. When last we saw malevolent President Frank Underwood (brilliantly played by Kevin Spacey) he was, as always, trying to keep his marriage intact to unshakeable, stunning First Lady, Claire (Robin Wright) and also, as a side hustle, taking extremely graphic steps to display a strong stance on terrorism.

Season five doesn't skip a beat and picks up directly after season four smack bang in the middle of his campaign against Republican Gov. Will Conway of New York (played by Joel Kinnaman) with bloodshed both metaphorical and real clearly on his agenda. Presenting a united front with Claire via his, "They've got you, they've got me," speech he sets an ominously hard line tone with, "The American people don't know what's best for them... I do."

Watch the trailer here:

New episodes of House of Cards will be available on Netflix May 30.

Watch: House of Cards sinister season 5 revealed (фото 1)

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