Watch Alicia Vikander take on her fiercest role

Watch Alicia Vikander take on her fiercest role


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Warner Bros. Pictures has dropped the trailer for the next Lara Croft instalment with a super tough Alicia Vikander convincingly stepping into Angelina Jolie’s combat boots

Whenever a new face takes on a role that has been played so memorably by another actor it's always bound to divide the fans - but in this case Oscar-winning Alicia Vikander completely nails the legacy Angelina Jolie began when she first took on the Lara Croft role back in 2001.

Vikander has transformed from a delicate period drama ingénue into a tough, muscled up action hero, co-star Walton Goggins (he plays Mathias Vogel) says in a behind-the-scenes video she's so fit, even though he works out "five days a week" he's embarrassed to take his shirt off next to her.

As for the storyline, it's set pre-Angelina's turn as the Tomb Raider and is the origin story of how Lara Croft came to be an action adventure hero. The story kicks off with Vikander, a regular East London girl going to college and bike couriering to earn her living, however the mysterious death of her father has always hung over her head. She resolves to solve the mystery regardless of how dangerous it is which sets her on her future path to becoming Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.

Watch the trailer here:

Tomb Raider will be in cinemas in March 2018.

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