Vote 1 for Leo! He needs your vote for his next role

Vote 1 for Leo! He needs your vote for his next role

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Blue-eyed Hollywood heavyweight Leonardo DiCaprio has signed onto Scorcese’s next film, a biopic on Theodore Roosevelt

If the slew of political thrillers, comedies (we heart you VEEP), and dramas (who could forget The West Wing?) is any indication of how much we love the narrative and behind-the-scenes drama of American politics - fiction or real - then a film about one of American's most popular presidents, Theodore Roosevelt, was only a matter of time.

Variety reports that Oscar-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese is on board to direct a biopic about the 26th President of the United States aptly title Roosevelt and DiCaprio has signed on to play the presidential role. Which seems like a natural fit especially considering DiCaprio's current facial hair situation already closely follows Roosevelt's handlebar moustache - the make-up department will have such an easy job.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt is considered one of the top five American presidents of all time with a long list of achievements to his name both before he was the leader of the free world, during office and afterwards. He was a published non-fiction author, fought in the Spanish-American War and returned a war hero, was elected Governor of New York, then Vice President and when President McKinley was assassinated in 1901 he become the youngest President of the United States of America. A post he held until 1909 (he was re-elected for the full term in 1904).

Roosevelt's incredibly full life will provide fascinating material for the Scorsese flick and could be the platform for hard-working DiCaprio to snag a second Oscar statue.  

Vote 1 for Leo! He needs your vote for his next role (фото 1)

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