There’s a new Ripper film in the works, but it’s not what you think

There’s a new Ripper film in the works, but it’s not what you think

Hint: it’s so fashion

Text: Lucie Clark

Fashion luminaries Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen left behind a legacy of high-style, drama and eccentricity, and their rocky relationship throughout this wild style ride is the subject of a new film, The Ripper

The Ripper, currently in production at Maven Studios, delves deep into the turbulent relationship between eccentric Brit stylist Isabella Blow and one of her 'discoveries', blazing design talent Alexander McQueen. The drama will centre on the highs and lows of their association and will offer insight into one of fashion's most fascinating and gifted pairs.

Fashion director Blow first met McQueen when he was completing his Masters at London's high church of design, Central Saint Martins College of the Arts. Showing her faith, she purchased his entire graduation collection aptly called 'Jack the Ripper', marking the start of a dramatic collab spanning the rest of their too-short lives. Renowned for discovering major Brit talent such as models Sophie Dahl and Stella Tennant, and milliner Philip Treacy, Blow tirelessly championed her 'chosen' few until they were household names.

As for McQueen, Blow's eye for talent spotting was on the money. Winner of four British Designer of the Year awards plus the presitigious CFDA International Designer of the Year award, McQueen's talent was real. His eponymous label has been worn by a slew of fashion-forward celebs (think: Nicole Kidman, Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker) and despite many controversial catwalk moments, has become a well established success story.

Where it takes a turn into dark dramatic territory is around the time McQueen sold the majority stake in his label to the Gucci Group and didn't include Blow in the deal. This action reputedly caused a major rift which the film will undoubtedly cover, along with the noir circumstances surrounding these leading fashion lights exiting too early from life.

This is set to be one must-watch flick.

There’s a new Ripper film in the works, but it’s not what you think (фото 1)


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