The Sydney Film Festival cheat sheet: 10 films you NEED to see

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Text: Yeong Sassall

With over 244 films on show at the Sydney Film Festival this month, it's hard to nail down the best of the best. Here, Noelle Faulkner highlights ten of the hottest tickets in show

It seems that every year, the Sydney Film Festival just gets bigger and bigger, and I'm not sure if that's just because my own anxiety gets more intense as I get older, or if the SFF organisers are just pulling more sleepless nights than they have in past years in order to secure more and more fantastic films. Either way, the quality at this year's film festival is overwhelming.

Aside from the below, which are, IMO, ten of the best in show, are dozens of brilliant films worth seeing. Mean Streets, for example -Scorsese's 1973 breakthrough film starring baby Robert De Niro will be on the big screen; or I Saw the Light, the fantastic Hank Williams biopic with a very sexy Tom Hiddleston. Then, on top of that, Little Girl Blue, the Janis Joplin biopic; It's Only The End of the World, a take on the beautiful Jean-Luc Largce play of the same name directed by young French auteur Xavier Dolan (Mommy, Heartbeats) or literally ANY of these fantastic Australian films.   

If documentaries are your thing - then don't miss Mr.Gaga, which is about choreographer Ohad Naharin, who created his own movement language called "Gaga"; Oyster Factory, which centres on a Japanese man forced to relocate post-2011 tsunami to a life shucking oysters; The Queen of Ireland, an energetic doco about LGBTIQ activist and Ireland's glamorous answer to Ru Paul, Panti Bliss or On Richard's Side, a local doco that was filmed for almost three decades and shows exactly what it's like to be, and care for someone, living  with a chronic disability in Australia.

While the films below are arguably the hottest tickets on offer, festivals are done best with a sense of blind trust. Go see completely different from the norm, a film that will likely never get a major nationwide release, one that makes your ears prick up with curiosity. Snap up a 10, 20 or 30 film Flexipass, take a risk and just enjoy the show.



Gimme Danger

The Handmaiden

Elvis & Nixon

Personal Shopper


The Lure


The Red Turtle

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