If Riverdale and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer had a baby, it would look something like Marvel's upcoming drama series, The Runaways. The plot sees a group of teenagers accidentally discover that their parents are part of an evil organisation that involves secret red-cloaked meetings and what looks to be human sacrifice (which is really just a fancy way to say murder).

Being a Marvel series, the teens of course have super-powers of their own, and decide to band together to stop their parents and the super-villain organisation.

From the trailer, The Runaways looks to follow the teen-angst-drama formula that has seemingly dominated all streaming platforms in 2017, and has proven to be wildly successful considering both 13 Reasons Why and Riverdale are soon to be rolling out their second seasons.

The Runaways will air on Hulu from November 21. Check out the first trailer below.  

‘The Runaways’ is your next teen-angst drama addiction