We all know the story of Madeleine McCann, the little British girl with a button nose and tiger-striped eye who went missing from her hotel room in Portugal in April, 2007. Ten years later, the case has become one of the most controversial and highly reported criminal cases in history. Every year or so a new theory (conspiracy or otherwise) or piece of evidence arises, yet the disappearance of three-year-old Madeleine McCann still remains unsolved.

Netflix have announced they will produce an eight-part documentary series on the Madeleine McCann investigation, featuring interviews with investigators and key persons involved with the ongoing investigation. The Sun reports that parents, Kate and Gerry McCann refuse to be involved in the project. 

This is not the streaming giant's first foray into true crime. The network last year released a one part documentary on Amanda Knox, the American student who was charged with murder of Meredith Kercher in 2007 and served four years in Italian prison before being released.

Previous true crime documentaries such as The Jinx and Netflix's own Making a Murderer have been used in official police investigations as evidence to acquit the innocent and charge the guilty, so it will be interesting to see what new findings McCann's documentary could reveal.

A release date and official title for the Madeleine McCann documentary are yet to be announced.

The next ‘Making a Murderer’? A Madeleine McCann documentary is on its way