The new Game of Thrones S7 trailer is EVERYTHING

The new Game of Thrones S7 trailer is EVERYTHING


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And so the countdown to the “great war” begins…

Could July 16 just hurry up already? As if it's not enough that here in Australia winter is legit coming, we've had to wait something like three extra months for the next instalment of HBO's Game of Thrones. When Season 7 marks the second last season of the series (*sob*) you can't blame us for feeling a little antsy about seeing Daenerys, Jon Snow, Cersei, Tyrion, Arya and co. again, either.

Thankfully, this morning's release of the new trailer for Season 7 offers us some hope that a few pertinent (and fan favourite) plot points are about to materialise... ahem, like  Jon Snow and Daenerys meeting. With the Season 6 send off leaving blow-up-everything Cersei perched on the Iron Throne and Daenerys, Tyrion and the dragons headed for Westeros - we seriously can't wait for this showdown to get started. Of course, there are many other plot points coming together in the trailer below which we're also excited about (we'll leave it up to you to rewind and figure out who's hooking up with who in that shot at 1.22mins), but let's just this: we're positively pumped for GoT Season 7. 

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres on July 16 on HBO.

The new Game of Thrones S7 trailer is EVERYTHING (фото 1)

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