The ‘Making a Murderer’ case has taken another devastating turn

The ‘Making a Murderer’ case has taken another devastating turn


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Making a Murderer’s Brendan Dassey will serve life in prison following court’s decision to uphold conviction

If you haven't been following the case of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey who were sentenced to life in prison in 2007 for the rape and murder of photographer Teresa Halbach on Halloween in 2005 - get yourself to a couch and binge watch Netflix's Making a Murderer now!

Dassey, who was his uncle's only alibi on the night of the murder, confessed to police that he helped Avery rape and kill Halbach. Her remains were found in an incineration pit at Avery's home about 80 miles north of Milwaukee. However, since the release of Making a Murderer there has been widespread speculation about the pair's innocence, particularly in the way Manitowac County police handled the case.

Brendan Dassey

In November last year, Judge William Duffin ruled that constitutional rights were violated when police coerced a then sixteen year-old Dassey to confess his involvement. Dassey had no lawyer or guardian present during the interrogation, and police seemingly took advantage of the sixteen year-olds' low IQ and comprehension skills. Duffin ordered Dassey be released "pending appeal." The ruling was (of course) appealed, and Dassey has remained in prison during the process. But in a 4-3 decision, the US 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago has ruled that Dassey's murder conviction and sentence should stand.

"The state courts' finding that Dassey's confession was voluntary was not beyond fair debate, but we conclude it was reasonable," the judges wrote.

All the details will likely unfold in season two of Making a Murderer which is reportedly filming now and was slated for release this year, however there has been no update on timings. 

The ‘Making a Murderer’ case has taken another devastating turn (фото 1)

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