Not one to shy away from a boundary-pushing cinematic project, (Remember Being John Malkovich? Where he played a fictional version of himself in which people enter a doorway that leads to the inside of his mind??!) actor John Malkovich is teaming up with Robert Rodriguez of Sin City to film a movie that you will never see, ingeniously entitled, 100 years: The movie you will never see.

Inspired by a partnership with Louis XIII cognac, which incidentally takes 100 years to age, the film has been locked in a vault where it will stay until 2115, when it will be shown to...our grandkids, we guess.

This year, however, the film will be shown at Cannes - that is to say, the film locked within a vault will be on display at Cannes - this month before being secreted away into a "special safe" where it will stay for 100 years. File under: Publicity stunts gone mad. Subcategory: Posthumous to-do list.

The John Malkovich film with a release date in 2115