The Duffer brothers are spilling secrets on ‘Stranger Things 3’

The Duffer brothers are spilling secrets on ‘Stranger Things 3’


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PSA: If you have not finished ‘Stranger Things 2’ please tiptoe around this article with extreme caution

It took months to make, and in only nine hours it was all over. Stranger Things 2 has barely been alive a week, and already binge-watchers have moved on to the theories and happenings of the '80s sci-fi show's third instalment. The biggest question on everyone's lips; what is the Mind Flayer going to do to the helplessly unlucky town of Hawkins? The Duffer brothers - who before the success of Stranger Things were two relative unknowns - are only provoking the anticipation of part three, dropping little secrets in various promotional interviews. Here's what we know about Stranger Things 3 so far.

The Duffer brothers have started on season 3
Despite no official confirmation from Netflix, Ross Duffer told the Hollywood Reporter that the wheels are already in motion for Stranger Things 3: "We're starting on Season 3 now," he told the publication when asked about the timings of the show.

The Duffer brothers are spilling secrets on ‘Stranger Things 3’ (фото 1)

We're going to see a lot more of the Mind Flayer
Season 2 introduced us to the Mind Flayer that controls an army of Demodog soldiers. Speaking to Buzzfeed, Matt Duffer said: "The idea was to create a villain that could last over multiple season arcs." Ross elaborated on the Mind Flayer when speaking to Rotten Tomatoes: "The hope with the Mind Flayer is that we would establish a villain that could sustain through multiple seasons. The entity didn't even know that Eleven existed until right there at the end. And so the idea was that last shot at the end - they shut the door on him, but he is very well aware of these kids that thwarted his plans." AKA, the Mind Flayer is coming after them.

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There's going to be a time jump
"Our kids are aging," Matt told The Hollywood Reporter. "We can only write and produce the show so fast. They're going to be almost a year older by the time we start shooting season three. It provides certain challenges. You can't start right after season two ended. It forces you to do a time jump."

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Expect to see more PDA's from Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard
Speaking to Variety, when asked what is next for Eleven and Mike, Matt said: "Maybe some making out. That's the next step. I've already started teasing them about it." Woot wooo!

There will be more seasons following Stranger Things 3
Speaking to E! Ross said: "four to five seasons is likely where we'll end up, but who knows ... none of this official, and we know where we want to go. We're trying to figure out still how long it'll take to get there, so we'll see."

So, only two men know the fate of Hawkins, Eleven and the awesome foursome. If you need something to tide your binge watching behaviours over in the meantime, check out these November releases

The Duffer brothers are spilling secrets on ‘Stranger Things 3’ (фото 4)

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