So you've already binge watched Stranger Things 2, and you are still mourning the news that House of Cards has been publicly axed from Netflix; alas, solace has arrived in the official trailer for The Crown season 2 which dropped today. The second instalment to the tales of the British monarchy under Queen Elizabeth II's rule will be hitting Netflix screens on December 8 with scandals and national embarrassments about to rock the royal family.

A stagnant monarchy is butting heads with the changes occurring in contemporary Britain, causing restlessness among the family. Princess Margaret (Vanessa Kirby), a woman for the modern age continues to rebel against the restrictions of her role and is particularly saucy throughout glimpses in the trailer. "I know who I am: A woman for the modern age," she says. "Free to live, to love. And free to break away."

Prince Phillip (Matt Smith) is still coming to terms with the rankings that come with his role as husband to the Queen. His personal relationship with Queen Elizabeth II is too on the rocks. "This restlessness of yours, it has to be a thing of the past," the Queen says to her husband in the trailer. We also get another peek at Jackie Kennedy, who along with her husband President JFK, will have an influential role in the rollout of the plot for season 2.  

This will be the last season that Claire Foy wears the crown with absolute perfection, before being replaced by Olivia Coleman for season's 3 and 4. You can watch the official trailer for The Crown season 2 below.

Scandal rocks the royal family in 'The Crown' season 2 trailer