Aside from the weirdness of seeing Queen Elizabeth (aka Claire Foy) not sporting a crown and a posh British accent, the upcoming trailer for Unsane presents the English actress in a way we've never seen before. Directed by prolific filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, Unsane  sees Golden Globe winner Claire Foy playing a woman who moves town to escape a stalker. Unable to shake his mysterious presence, she goes to a mental health facility... and gets committed against her will. Yep, it's as nightmarish as it sounds.  

While it's certainly a far cry from the regal manner in which she plays the reigning English monarch, isn't it refreshing to see Foy wearing normal clothes and acting paranoid instead of, well, kind of emotionally constipated? Hand s up who's seen Steven Soderbergh's twist-filled Side Effects?  We're guessing Unsane has been created from the same unnerving playbook. Watch the trailer below.

Unsane hits Australian cinemas on April 25. 

‘The Crown’s Claire Foy is unrecognisable in the ‘Unsane’ trailer