2009 smash hit Avatar still claims the crown for highest-grossing movie of all time. Out-grossing even the beloved Star Wars franchise and Cameron's other epic juggernaut Titanic at the box office. And why stop when you're onto a good thing? Cameron plans to return to Pandora or whatever universe he chooses to create, four more times with Avatar 2 set to drop December 2020, followed by Avatar 3 in 2021, Avatar 4 in 2024 and the final chapter in December 2025. The original cast including Aussie Sam Worthington, stunning Guardians of the Galaxy star Zoe Saldana, and screen legend Sigourney Weaver have signed on for the sequels and now Cliff Curtis has just added his name to the illustrious cast list.

Cliff Curtis

New Zealand-born Curtis has a lengthy list of TV and movie credits to his name including Once Were Warriors, Die Hard 4.0, Missing (TV series) and Fear The Walking Dead (TV series). Curtis joins the Avatar cast in a lead role as a character called "Tonowari". Avatar 2 is rumoured to begin filming in the middle of year in a custom-built studio in Manhattan Beach, California.

The ‘Avatar’ sequel is hotting up with a major new casting