The aca-mazing ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ official trailer is finally here!

The aca-mazing ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ official trailer is finally here!

Yeah pitches!

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The Bellas are back together for one final a cappella show down and the official trailer shows they’re in aca-mazing, hilarious form

It's finally here pitches! The behind-the-scenes teaser trailer dropped a couple of weeks ago and now the official hilarious full length, high-def trailer for Pitch Perfect 3 has arrived.  And it promises to hit all the highs this a cappella singing movie franchise has become known for: laughs, heart, an epic music show down set to the soundtrack of the Bellas "making music with their mouths."

All the regular faces are back including Anna Kendrick, Elizabeth Banks, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson with fellow Aussie-born Ruby Rose joining the cast as the leader of a rival band. As for the story, it follows Pitch Perfect 1 and 2's winning formula of a singing comp that brings the Bellas together, although this time, it'll be their last. Or as mean singing comp hosts Gail (played by Elizabeth) and John (played by John Michael Higgins) say, "'s their fade out...into nothingness."

The only big change up in the formula is the absence of the boys from the casting call - Pitch Perfect 3 pits the all-girl Bellas a cappella crew against Ruby Rose's girl band (as in, a musical group that uses instruments as well as their mouths to make tunes). "Let's aca-finish this!" is militant ex-Bellas leader Aubrey (played by Anna Camp) rousing call to a cappella action.

Watch the trailer here:

Pitch Perfect 3 will be in cinemas in December 2017

The aca-mazing ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ official trailer is finally here! (фото 1)

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