The 14 most memorable David Bowie movie moments

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Every '80s kid will fondly recall Bowie's star-making performance in Labyrinth - but did you know how many other screen roles he had?

There was more to this legendary artist than just musical artistry - Bowie's performance skills and stagemanship lent him a natural air of theatricality, which he funnelled into over 30 acting credits during his lifetime. A master of reinvention and lover of pseudonyms like Ziggy Stardust and The Thin White Duke, his entry into the strange and wonderful world of Hollywood was a no brainer. In fact, his theatrical career predates his musical one - he studied theatre and mime under Lindsay Kemp and was cast in Pierrot in Turquoise in 1967. From perfectly cast outsider roles like an alien in The Man Who Fell to Earth and a vampire in The Hunger to hilarious cameos in Extras and Zoolander - we take a look at some of Bowie's best performances and cameo appearances.   

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