Sir Roger Moore’s most iconic Bond fashion moments

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Image: Sir Roger Moore playing James Bond in 'Live and Let Die'

Legendary actor Sir Roger Moore's portrayal of secret agent 007 was never at any risk of facing danger so great it would put a dent in his dapper wardrobe

Everyone's favourite fictional British spy, James Bond is one of the most iconic characters of all time - played by no less than seven actors since Sean Connery brought the secret agent to life in the first Bond film Dr No in 1962. From the first moment, Bond has been associated with a high-octane, tuxedo-wearing, glamorous, martini-swilling lifestyle, which Sir Roger Moore played to perfection when he took on the Bond role in the 70s. Bond's style is era-defining and in tribute to legendary actor Sir Roger Moore - may he rest in peace - we've put together the best style moments from his time brilliantly portraying our favourite spy.

From the safari suit to the space suit and everything in between, scroll through to relive the glory of Sir Roger Moore's most iconic fashion moments playing James Bond, 007.

Sir Roger Moore’s most iconic Bond fashion moments (фото 1)

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