See why this ‘Black Panther’ trailer generated 89 million views

See why this ‘Black Panther’ trailer generated 89 million views

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DC’s ‘Wonder Woman’ is killing it at the box office and arch-rival Marvel has responded by dropping an electrifying trailer for their upcoming flick, ‘Black Panther’

The rivalry between the two comic book universes, Marvel and DC, is legendary but word on the Tinseltown streets has for sometime been that viewers were tiring of the whole superhero genre with both studios banking on sequels that just haven't hit the numbers. However, the recent release of DC's Wonder Woman shut those rumours down - the superhero origin story of Diana Prince (played by the stunning Gal Gadot) absolutely knocked it out of the box office park. The success of Wonder Woman is not only a massive win for DC but also marks a significant note for the superhero universe showing people do want to see superhero movies but they want new narratives not the same tired superheroes fighting it out in episode 253. Which explains the palpable excitement around Marvel's upcoming movie Black Panther.

According to The Hollywood Reporter when Marvel dropped their new comics-come-to-life trailer for Black Panther, it generated 89 million views in the first 24 hours - which is an epic number, especially for an essentially new, standalone story with a fairly unknown comic book character.

Chadwick Boseman takes on the role of Black Panther or T'Challa, the king of fictional African nation Wakanda, who will do anything within his superhuman powers to defend his country. The cast also includes leading lights Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Friday Night Lights), Oscar-winner Lypita Nyong'o, Angela Basset and Forest Whitaker alongside Sherlock alumni Martin Freeman and it was directed by Ryan Coogler (Creed). Slated to drop in early 2018, Marvel's Black Panther looks set to be an electrifying must-see addition to the superhero universe.

Watch the trailer here:

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